Can Stress Causing Acne

Acne is common skin condition that appears when the skin pores clogged with oil and dead skin cell. There are several things that can cause acne, include stress. There are many people that wonder how does stress cause acne.

stress causing acne

Does Stress Cause Acne?

Stress can lead your body to produce more hormones and cortisol that makes the sebum glands produce more oil. The oily skin has known become the most prone skin to get acne rather than other skin.

Therefore, you need to prevent your hormonal changes. The pregnant women and PMS is the other example of hormonal changes that make acne result. Acne can cause scarring and less self-confidence when it is untreated well.

Instead of keeping your skin healthy and prevent acne appears, and then you need to do skin treatments. It does not need expensive treatment on skin clinic but you also can do at your home by doing routine face wash and do face treatment. You also need to stay dehydrated your skin.

Does Drinking Water Help Acne?

How does drinking water help acne? By drinking water, this will keep your skin healthy and prevent clogged pores that causing acne. Human body has 70% fluids in their body which circulating the body and flush out toxins from your body. Keep your water consumes at 8 glass a day.

The forehead acne is the next part that worst often acne appears after cheek. The forehead is included to T-zone part in face that include forehead, nose and chin. This T-zone is the most part of the face that comes with oily part.

Hair shampoo that you use and not clear away well when you take bath can cause you forehead acne. To prevent you get forehead acne, then you need to wash your face daily twice. This will keep your forehead still clean and remove the dead skin cell in forehead.

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