Food as the Treatment for Anemia

Anemia is the condition in which the delivery of oxygen to the body tissue is getting reduced. The symptom might be various and different. It depends on the cause of this blood disorder. The insufficient oxygen in your blood makes you to get less energy.

foods for anemia

Kinds of Anemia

There are some kinds of anemia that you have to know and we will tell you about the traditional treatment for anemia.

Megaloblastic anemia is the blood disorder when the amount of the red blood cell is lower than normal. It is characterized by the larger size of red blood cell which is blocked inside the bone narrow, so it cannot reproduce the red blood cell into the blood.

There are some symptoms that you have to know about megaloblastic anemia. You will get the dizziness, nausea, diarrhea, and muscle pain. The vitamin B9 and B12 supplements will be the good treatment supplements from the Doctor.

Fanconi anemia is the condition when the blood narrow only make few blood cells. It is a kind of hereditary disorder.

The different symptoms such as problem in the kidney and bone, then abnormal thumbs are the Fanconi anemia symptoms. The doctor will give the narrow transplant as the good treatment for this kind of anemia.

Diamond Black Fan anemia is the malfunction of bone narrow in producing the blood cells. If there is a mistake in the bone narrow in producing the blood cells, the blood cannot spread the oxygen along the body. It can cause the eyes problems, such as: cataracts and glaucoma.

Foods for Anemia

You have to consume the foods for anemia which rich of vitamin B9 and B12 to replace the supplements as your treatment. If you eat some fruits like papaya, avocado, orange and strawberry which contains a lot of folic acid, it will be the best treatment for those disorder.

Then, if you eat the food that contains a lot of cobalamin (B12) like salmon and any other fishes are good for your body.

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