Treating Skin With Acne For Teens

There are about 85% teen have acne that identify with clogged pores, blackheads, whiteheads, pimples, red inflammation, and it sometimes appears in most face, in part of neck, back, shoulder, and upper arms.

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Acne Treatment for Teens

If you have daughter with acne, you can suggest her with many skin treatment and acne treatment. But the best things that every girl needs to do when they have acne are treating their skin and keep their skin clean.

The best face wash for acne is using water based formula. Avoid face wash that contain from oily based especially when you have oily prone skin. Doing daily facial care for teens can make their teen’s skin prevent from breakouts.

Wash gently use gentle non-soap cleanser twice a day. Take acne spot treatment using 2% salicylic acid product after face washing. After that apply the moisturizer that will keep your face skin moist and fresh.

Hormonal changes become the causes of acne, and therefore teens or pregnant women often experience acne. Recently, there is acne treatment for teens that lightly and perfect for teen’s skin.

The treatment starts from over the counter products. The main ingredient that you should recognize for effective acne treatment product is benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid.

The benzoyl peroxide is anti-inflammatory agent that also kills the bacteria causing acne. The salicylic acid will unclog the clogged pores.

It is important for teens to keep their hygiene to prevent acne. However, when they have protect their face from dirty, doing facial wash every day, this does not means they are free from acne appears. When it is happen, teens can try these steps.

First, use warm compress and apply to the pimple for 10 minutes. This will help pimples to go surface soon. Second, you can try to spot treatment with 2% salicylic cream.

Apply in gently, use cotton pad, never use your finger. If the blemish acne is not getting drain, then you can apply ice pack for easy daily teenage acne treatment.

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