Using Essential Oil For Acne Treatments

Everyone know that essential oil has many function includes for health and remedies. If you have acne, then you can use essential oils for acne remedies.

essential oils for acne

Essential Oils for Acne Treatment

There are many kinds of essential oil and for beating acne; you need to choose one that work best fit with your acne condition and the condition of your skin. by using essential oil to treat acne, this will alleviate stress feeling, sleep deprivation, balance hormone level and promote healthier skin.

There are several essential oil that proved work well for against acne such as tea tree oil. Tea tree oil has been become major ingredient for cosmetic with acne purposes.

Using essential oil for your acne can kill bacteria that causing acne. The oil also can soothe and protect skin from damage. To use essential oil for treating acne, you can use by topical use into the affected area, or using as full facial wash.

You also can use this essential oil for acne scars treatment. The other essential oil that you can use is cod liver oil acne.

Cod Liver Oil for Acne Treatment

There is no significant research for effective from use cod liver oil acne remedies. If you have sensitive skin, then it is important for apply at the spot first to see the effect.

Castor Oil for Acne Treatment

You also can use castor oil for acne. This is one example of the most effective natural remedies for skin prone acne condition. If you have cystic acne, then this natural remedy is perfect ways to choose.

To use castor oil for acne remedies, you need to wash your face first with mild cleanser. Pat it dry and then massage gently to affected skin with acne using castor oil with fingertips. Leave for an hour in your affected acne area and rinse well using cool water.

Castor oil is vegetable oil that comes from seeds of ricinus communis. It is bottled and ready to use.

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