How to Treat Allergic Reactions to Cat Properly

Treat cat allergies. Thousands of people across the globe are allergic to cats. Many of these people suffer through these allergies daily to enjoy the benefits of owning a furry feline friend. While there is no cure for symptoms, there are several treatments for cat allergies.

Treat Cat Allergies

Treat Cat Allergies

How to Treat Cat Allergies

Take an antihistamine. There are many over-the-counter medications designed to reduce allergy symptoms. Prescription drugs are also available. Be aware, however, that side effects may occur.

Consult to Doctor for Allergy Shots

Visit your doctor and request allergy shots. Allergy shots can potentially eliminate allergies altogether after three to five years. In the mean time, the medicine causes your body to gradually build up a tolerance to your cat allergies.

Initially, shots must be administered weekly, but can often be reduced to a monthly dosage.

Clean Your Home Regularly

Minimize airborne allergens by cleaning your home regularly. If you dust and vacuum on a weekly basis, you can keep cat hair and dander from accumulating in your home. Also, wash your hands frequently to reduce contact with cat allergens.

Brush Your Cat Every Day

Brush your cat daily. This will further reduce airborne allergens in your home. An allergy-reducing spray such as Allerpet and a healthy diet with fatty acids are also recommended. If you can put up with the screaming and scratching, bathing your cat once a week is another way to greatly reduce cat allergens around the house.

Cat Free Area in Your Home

Create cat-free zones in your home. Making your bedroom or another room off limits to your pet will provide an oasis of allergy-free air in your home. You might consider closing off the air vents to this room to further safeguard yourself. In other rooms, install air purifiers with HEPA filters to help eliminate allergens.

So, treating cat allergies is simply making sure your environment and cat zone is always healthy.

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