Everyhings You Should Know about Asthma Attack Treatment

Things to know about asthma attack. Asthma is a type of long term diseases occurred in the respiratory system. It is signed by the inflammation so that the patients will find it really hard to breathe. The main reason why people suffer from asthma is not known yet exactly.

asthma attack on children

asthma attack on children


The Variants of Asthma

Since the asthma can be occurred due to certain allergen, the first thing to do is looking for what kind of allergen it is.

Despite the patients must be far away from the causes, medical treatments including therapy and drug consumption are recommended to heal the disease immediately.

Cardiac Asthma

Cardiac asthma is occurred due to the disorder of left heart and cardiac lung. It is commonly signed by the feeling hard to breathe particularly while sleeping.

Sure, it gives many domino effects; one of them is insomnia. There are some actions needed to treat this kind of asthma.

The first of cardiac asthma treatment, anamnesis checkup is needed and then it is followed by identifying how far the symptoms are felt by the patients themselves.

Change the sleeping position is also necessary. Aside from that, the drug that can be consumed is namely Aminophyline.

Cough Variant Asthma

It is quite difficult indeed to differentiate the cough caused by virus and cough caused by asthma. Actually, it can be differentiated through the sound of the cough itself.

Cough variant asthma tends to sound “dry” and the sigh can be heard when the patients are taking breath. It is because asthma is a chronic inflammation in the area of lung or the lower part of your respiratory system.

Feline Asthma

Feline asthma is asthma that attacks the cat. It is mainly caused by the inflammation occurred in the areas of bronchus and bronchioles. Similar to the asthma in human, your cat can be suffered from such a disease for the smoke, hairspray, dust, dirt, and even the room refresher.

The way of diagnose can be done by sampling the blood and urine for the laboratory test. Meanwhile, X-ray can also be really helpful in diagnosing the characteristics of environment where the cat stays.

The most possible feline asthma treatment is by doing the oxygen therapy. Consuming steroid and anti-inflammation drugs are also suggested to enable the cat to breathe normally.

Adult Onset Asthma

Adult onset asthma is started to be suffered by adults when they are around 20. The patients of this kind of asthma are commonly women in which the treatment must be done as soon as possible before it is getting severe.

What Are Asthma Triggers

However, there are some matters that can lead on it including the smoke, dust, animal fur, cold weather, virus infection, and certain chemical substances.

As it has been mentioned before, there are some things that are considered as asthma triggers including dirt.

How to Treat Your Asthma Attack

When the asthma attacks, there is something the patient must do at the first time. The first asthma attack treatment is by using inhaler as soon as possible.


More than that, the prevention is very important to do like avoiding being close to the things that can cause this disease. Cleaning the house regularly and applying healthy lifestyle are very suggested then.

Asthma Action Plan

Once you have asthma, it means you have to be really careful and does the asthma action plan.

As it has been mentioned above, you really need to avoid being really close to the things that can cause the asthma attack including dirty environment which is full of dust and dirt, animal fur, cold weather, and lessening the activities that can make you feel really tired.

If you experience certain symptoms like feeling difficult to breathe, it means you must checkup your condition as soon as possible.

The diagnose can be done through some methods like spirometry, expiration top flow test, bronchus provocation test, the measurement of allergy status, CT scan, and Rontgen.

When the use of inhaler cannot lessen the asthma, more medical treatment is needed.

Prednisone for Asthma Treatment

Prednisone is only used for short term treatment when the asthma suddenly attacks and it is uncontrollable due to the stress. This drug works by making the patients feel more relaxed.

However, it is not recommended for long term treatment. Besides, even it is really effective, Prednisone for asthma treatment has some side effects like the blurred vision, significant mood swing, irregular heartbeat, urinating too often, and high blood pressure.

Essential Oils for Asthma

You may considering to use essential oils for asthma treatment. It is particularly by smearing or rubbing it on the areas of chest and neck. So, what are they?

First of all, there is lavender oil you can bland with the chamomile. It is so easy in which you only need to take around two drops of the oil and rub it on the outer respiratory area. Besides, you can also use peppermint oil for its ability to manage the asthma more effectively.

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