5 Tricks to Make Bleached Hair Grow Faster

Make your bleached hair grow faster. Using bleach products may make the hair more difficult to get the length you desire and damage your hair shaft, but there are some ways you can do to keep your bleached hair encourage faster hair growth and healthy.

Make Bleached Hair Grow Faster

Make Bleached Hair Grow Faster

How to Make Bleached Hair Grow Faster

Long blond hair is a dream for much women, but getting beautiful blond locks is can be more difficult than just bleaching your hair regularly.

Choose the Right Hair Care Products

Choose the right product for your hair growth. Use a bleach product that is meant it only can be used on your scalp. Off the scalp bleach is much harsher on the hair. It may not contain creams or protective oils that are included in hair care products designed for bleaching hair from scalp to ends of your hair. Less damage for better growth and it will lead to decreased splits.

Color the Root of Your Hair

Only color the root of your hair. You can color the regrowth only to avoid overlapping previous bleached hair. Color the root will avoid breakage that may eliminate length. To avoid excessive damage as well, you can wait four to 6 weeks in between bleaching procedures.

Comb or Brush Your Hair Gently

You may comb or brush your hair gently. Do not brush your hair when wet, and work your way to the top and always start at the bottom to incur fewer splits that may lead to future breakage that will prevent the hair from getting longer.

Avoid Hair Products That Contain Alcohol.

Avoid all of hair products that contain alcohol on their ingredient. These products tend to lead your hair to moisture loss.

Dry naturally whenever possible.

Dry hair care naturally whenever possible. Styling tools to avoid damage caused like flat irons or blow dryers. Protecting the ends of hair from damage may help your hair grow longer due to decreased breakage.

So, we hope those tips to grow bleached hair faster useful for you.

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