Treat a Chicken Allergy Reaction Correctly

Often a chicken allergy manifests as frequent colds, ear infections or even vomiting after a meal. You can believe it or not, meat allergies and particularly poultry are far more common than you might imagine.

Treat Chicken Allergies

Treat Chicken Allergies

Treat a Chicken Allergies

Luckily, there a few ways that you treat an allergic reaction when you have developed a chicken allergy.

Mild Chicken Allergy Reaction

Treat a mild chicken allergy reaction by simply waiting it out. Simple rest and relax when the symptoms are mild, and allowing the allergens to work their way from your system naturally. Keep your body warm and drink plenty of water to help promote urination and sweat.

Take Vitamin C

You can take up to 2000 mg of Vitamin C beginning as soon as you realize you have ingested chicken, continuing until all of your symptoms have past. Vitamin C helps the body to remove toxins and other harmful agents and can help to lessen the chicken allergy symptoms.

If you experience an upset stomach after taking Vitamin C, take smaller doses multiple times throughout the day.

Visit Emergency Room

See your doctor as soon as possible, or even visit the emergency room if you have severe chicken allergy reactions. While symptoms of chicken allergies vary greatly from one person to the next, for some, accidental ingestion of poultry products can mean anaphylactic shock.

If you have difficulty breathing, headaches, dizziness or confusion, see a doctor for an allergy shot immediately. So, keep your body healthy to treat a chicken allergy reaction.

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