Essential Oil for Asthma Treatment

There are two kinds of asthma. There are childhood and adult onset asthma. They are different because childhood onset asthma is occurred when the asthma attack happens during the childhood. Then, Adult onset asthma is the condition when the early asthma attacks happen for the people who are above 20 years old.

peppermint field inhaler asthma

Woman who are pregnant and menopause might be more likely to get adult onset asthma. This respiratory disorder happens to someone who certain allergies, viruses, illness and obesity.

Do you know about prednisone for asthma? Prednisone is a medication for the serious asthma symptoms. People who has suffered worse asthma are advised to take this kind of medicine.

After taking the prednisone, it will absorb into your body Then, this medicine will reduce the asthma symptoms. Even though prednisone is the treatment for asthma attacks, this steroid can cause an effect.

You will get high blood pressure, muscle weakness, diabetes if you take too much steroids. It also can cause the eyes problem such as cataracts.

In Opposite with the medical treatment, there is a traditional treatment that you can use to reduce your asthma attacks. Do you know about essential oil for asthma? Well, essential oil is the liquid which contains plants fragrances.

Essential Oil for Asthma

If you use the essential oil as your medication, it will not affect to your health. There are some kinds of essential oils which can help you to prevent the asthma symptoms.

Peppermint essential oil contains of decongestant and antihistamine to reduce the asthma symptoms.

Lavender essential oil is also good for managing and reducing asthma. It contains of sedative and anti-inflammatory essence which are good for people with asthma. People only need to inhale the essential oils for relieving asthma attacks.

Chamomile and geranium essentials oil are also great for asthma. So, putting on essential oil is the best way to treat your asthma.

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