Food Allergies That Rare But It is Present

The food allergies that rare but it is present including alcohol. What is alcohol allergy? It seems irrationally, but it is true. There is alcohol allergy and the reactions can be severe. Actually, what means about alcohol allergy is what called with alcohol intolerance. This can be allergy with pure alcohol or with product that contain with alcohol drinks component.

gluten allergies

The symptom of alcohol allergy is mostly same with other general allergy such as itchy feeling in mouth, eyes or nose, swelling in face, nasal congestion, vomiting, diarrhea, dizziness and loss of consciousness.

When the symptom of allergy appears, then it is important for treat immediately. The difference between alcohol allergy between alcohol intolerance is, the alcohol allergy react to your immune system, while the alcohol intolerance relate with digestive system that cannot process alcohol properly.

Allergy to certain specific foods, is often appears. If you want to know what the specific foods that make you allergy, then you can do allergy testing. The other example of allergy is gluten allergy. To know whether you get gluten energy or not, you need to eliminate the foods with gluten.

There are about 55% diseases that related with gluten. Gluten is protein that found in wheat, barley and rye. There are also recent studies found that there are about 15% from US population is suffer with gluten allergy symptoms.

If you often get digestive problem such as bloating, gas, diarrhea, and constipation you need to take the test.
The next symptom that appears is fatigue, keratosis pilaris, and feel tired after eat meals that contain from gluten. If you have gluten allergy, then you need to eliminate gluten 100% from your diet.

The other allergy is walnut allergy. Walnut allergy is considered as tree nut allergy. This most common appears with anaphylaxis allergy symptom. This walnut allergy can lead into severe and life threatening symptom such as difficulty to breath.

The walnut allergy divides into two types as primary food allergy and secondary food allergy. The secondary food allergy is initially with pollen allergic and starts with walnut allergy symptoms.

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