Get Rid of Food Allergies and Pet Allergies

Allergy is a common problem that can influence your skin, respiratory system and your whole body. For the long term, some of allergies are harmless, although the allergy symptoms may be annoying for you.

get rid of allergies

You have to know the common signs and symptoms which ones that allergy show a need for emergency medical treatment as soon as possible.

Seasonal allergies are also known as allergic rhinitis or hay fever. There are 3 types of allergies:

  • Respiratory allergies are caused by airborne such as pollen, dust, mold, animals and chemicals.
  • Food allergies are caused by the reaction to specific food items.
  • Contact allergies are caused by the reaction of skin with specific fragrances and metals.

Gluten Allergy Symptoms

gluten allergies

Gluten allergy happens to the people having a problem to food containing gluten. It is usually found in whey, barley, and rye.

If you consume the gluten food, it appears abnormal immune response. The damage is in intestine so that it doesn’t work its functions maximally.

There are some gluten allergy symptoms that can be detected. Those are flatulence, weight loss, very weak and tired, changing of colon movements, and vomit in serious level.

Gluten Allergy Treatment

When it reaches a serious level, gluten allergy must be healed to keep your body condition well. Gluten allergy treatment must be conducted.

The only one treatment is following a free gluten diet to manage gluten content. You must prevent all foods containing gluten including flour, whey, rye, and oats. It is better to avoid some foods made of the gluten content ingredients.

Milk Allergy Symptoms

milk allergy symptoms

Despite of gluten allergy, you may suffer milk allergy. Milk allergy symptoms are almost similar to gluten allergy. The allergy reaction is different but it generally appears after one hour drinking.

The symptoms are stomach cramp, watery eyes, runny nose, diarrhea, inflammation, rash, and colic condition to baby. In serious level, sufferers can be vomit. Take the right treatment to heal milk allergy.

Walnut Allergy

Walnut sometimes make people allergy. To heal walnut allergy, it needs to apply the most effective walnut allergy treatment and prevention.

The best way is avoiding eating walnut in your eating menu. If it is packed food, you should read packaging label before consuming. It is better to always provide over the counter medicine to prevent walnut allergy reaction. The medicine is like antihistamine.

Shellfish Allergy

Seafood like shellfish of course make allergy for some people. If you don’t want get the allergy, you shouldn’t eat it and reduce it with shellfish allergy treatment.

The natural ways like lime, honey, vitamin E foods, and vegetable juices can be options. Those contain natural anti histamine helping to handle all kinds of allergy like shellfish allergy. If it doesn’t work, the last way is going to doctor.

Penicillin Allergy

Penicillin allergy happens when body immune system reacts excessively to penicillin antibiotic. There are three ways for penicillin allergy treatment.

Firstly, you contact emergency service to get therapy. Secondly, in an emergency situation, you can take epinephrine to reduce penicillin allergy reaction.

If the allergy reaction is still mild, you may take anti histamine to consume for healing and reducing allergy reaction of penicillin.

Alpha Gal Allergy

pet allergies treatment

What is alpha gal allergy? It is a sensitive condition of someone when they eat mammal meat. The meat causes histamine release. The found substance causes allergy reaction to the body.

To heal alpha gal allergy, you should apply the right alpha gal allergy treatment. Try to run no mammal meat diet. You must prevent eating mammal meat.

Pet Allergy

Pet allergy may attack people having excessive response to allergen from pets or animals around them. Pet allergy treatment is simply conducted.

Preventing pets seems to be the easiest way to avoid allergy from pets. Despite of that treatment, you still require drugs for allergy. You need to consume anti histamine, corticosteroid, decongestant, or leucotriene modifier. Those block reaction and action of excessive histamine to the body.

You may conduct the other treatments including immunotherapy and nose irrigation focusing to reduce allergy reaction and improve body immune system.

Cat Allergy

The expectation of having cat gets lost if you have cat allergy. To heal this allergy condition, you should apply cat allergy treatment.

The use of air purifier is to filter contaminated air. The most effective treatment is consuming certain anti allergy medicines to handle allergy to cats.

You must consult it to doctor for balance and appropriate dosage.

Eye Allergy Drops

Not all people feel good when get eye drops. Sometimes, a wrong product of eye drops can cause allergy. It is important to reduce allergy by applying the right eye allergy drops treatment.

Firstly, you rinse your eyes with clean water. If there is no better change, you should go to the doctor to get appropriate eye allergy drop medicine.

Allergy Shot for Dogs

Allergy shot for dogs is often injected to some dogs. This treatment is used to reduce and minimize allergy reaction to dogs.

Allergy shot is injecting anti gen and allergy to the skin of dogs. It is regarded to be expensive but it is working well for preventing allergy.

Allergy Medicine for Kids

Allergy reaction can attack adults and also kids. Allergy on kids shouldn’t be neglected. The right treatment requires giving comfort for kids and reducing allergy.

You may need allergy medicine for kids. There are some simple medicines to apply including cool powder or lotion on the skin area getting itchy. In further case, you can go to doctor to get the suggested medicines for your kids.


Local Honey for Allergies

Who don’t know honey? Some people use local honey for allergies. This is regarded to be natural remedy for removing acnes, irritation, inflammation, and skin problems.

It is suggested to consume or apply on the skin in the right dosage. But, the use of local honey must be combined with the other home remedies for maximal result.

Home Remedies for Allergy

Allergy is a situation of a body having excessive response to a certain substance. It makes body immune system producing histamine and chemical substances to fight for the allergen.

To heal allergy, you may implement some home remedies for allergy. The home remedies are regarded to be safe and no side effects.

Green tea has a substance that is effectively to hamper production of histamine produced by body when allergy appears. You can drink green tea to heal allergy.

The consumption of vitamin C is beneficial to reduce allergy. It is antihistamine known clinically.

Essential Oils for Allergies

Allergy reaction is started from body immune system. Allergen is a substance influencing body immune system so that it reacts too much to the allergen.

The reaction releases histamine and chemical substances so that it occurs to allergy reaction. To heal allergy, you may use essential oils for allergies.

Peppermint oil can heal sinus and reduce itching throat taking a role as expectorant and reducing allergy cause.

Basil oil is effective to reduce inflammation response due to allergen. You may also use tea tree oil destroying airborne pathogen causing allergy.

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