How to Grow Long Hair in a Month

You have got an important social function in a month, a prom, a wedding or you want to grow bad haircut, and you are desperate to grow long hair in a month.

While it is impossible for your hair to grow many inches in just a month, there are several ways you can do to get your hair to look longer over the course of a month.

Grow Long Hair in a Month

Grow Long Hair in a Month

Flip Your Hair Upside Down

Flip your hair upside down to brush it out. To increases the circulation to your head you may brush it from roots to ends with a wide-bristle brush. More blood to your scalp will help your hair grow.

Start Massaging your Scalp.

Start massaging your scalp. A gentle massage with your fingertips in the shower will help your hair grow longer. This will stimulate hair growth and increase circulation to your scalp. The recommended time is about 10 minutes per day. Do it while you are watching television and enjoy its relaxing effect.

More Exercise

Get more exercise every day. Exercise increases circulation all over your body and keeps you in good health, including your scalp.

Be Gentle with Hair.

You have to be gentle with your hair. The tight elastic bands can break your hair growth, then try to avoid it. Avoid curling, blow drying or flat ironing your hair unless necessary.

Use Shampoo Daily

Use shampoo to your hair daily to keep the follicle clean. If the follicle is clean, the hair grows faster. To keep hair healthy, you have to make sure you also use a conditioner at least once a week.

Start with Healthy Hair.

Always start with healthy hair. Get cut off and haircut any hair that is significantly damaged. Remember, hair grows about half an inch per month on average. Growing out healthy hair is essential for keeping it in good shape, so it won’t break off as easily.

Supplement Your Hair Growth

Supplement the hair growth by including the following vitamins in your diet: flaxseed oil for moisture, beta-carotene for minerals and protein, nettle supplements for growth and vitamin E for suppleness. These supplements, or foods rich in these nutrients, will help your hair grow rapidly.

Use Regular Scalp Treatments

Use regular scalp treatments to preserve your natural moisture of hair. Coconut oil, olive oil and commercial oils are all good alternatives to normal conditioners that may not saturate your hair as completely. Warming these oils can provide you with rich, beautiful locks that are protected from elements and styling by their moisture content.

Avoid the Blow Dryer

Put away that blow dryer. The inside of your hair is hollow. Since it becomes saturated with water during washing, using a blow dryer can cause the water inside the shaft to damage and boil the hair strand upon exit.

This is why you often see steam coming off your hair when you drying it with intense heat. Avoid the blow dryer if at all possible and, if not, put it on a low setting and dry your hair from about six inches away as to not overheat the shaft.

So, with the right ways you can grow long hair in a month.

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