How to Properly Care for Your Hair Extensions

Taking care of hair extensions is another thing. When you are investing on it, proper care will help the hair extensions last a long time. You will need to keep them tangle-free and clean your extensions periodically with the right cleanser.

Take Care for Hair Extensions

Take Care for Hair Extensions

How to Properly Care for Hair Extensions

The next time you want to wear theme, the hair extensions will be all set to spice up your hairdo by treating them gently.

Avoid Washing New Extensions

Avoid washing new extensions for 2 days. The hair needs that time to dry completely and bond with the real hair growth. After 2 days, comb or brush gently through the hair to remove any mats or knots. Gradually wet the hair extensions, use a small amount of sulfate-free shampoo to wash it.

Massage Your Hair Gently.

You can massage your hair gently. Only use condition on the ends, and leave the conditioner on for at least 2 minutes. Do not rub your hair together, and do not pile it or pull it on top of your head.

Rinse Hair Extensions Thoroughly

Rinse your hair extensions thoroughly, then pat dry your whole head and squeeze out the water gently. Wrap the extensions in a towel and do not rub or pull the hair or turn your head upside down.

Let it air dry and pat excess water from the hair. You can start at the roots only if you must blow dry the hair, and avoid pulling the hair while wet. Do not use excessive heat.

Use Soft Bristle Brush on Your Hair

You can use a soft bristle brush to comb your hair extensions. Use gentle strokes to brush the hair. Rough or fast strokes could pull the hair extensions out of shape.

Style Your Hair Normally

Style your hair like normal. Where there are no extensions, do not using products that volumize your hair unless you use it only on your crown.

Avoid using the heat near bonds, which will cause it to slip out of the hair and melt. Keep the hair soft by using conditioner, but ask your stylist how much to use.

Some conditioners out there may cause some extensions to dry out. A cuticle correct hair extension is an exception. It can be treated just like your real hair.

So, take care your hair extensions property.

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