5 Best Way to Improve Hair Growth Naturally

Hair is grow about 6 inches a year genetically. When there is no magic bullet to promote your hair growth, there are things to stimulate hair growth naturally that you can do.

You will found full of fanciful promises to stimulate growth and prevent hair loss in Grocery store hair care aisles, but expensive products and chemical build-up are not necessary.

improve hair growth naturally

improve hair growth naturally

How to Improve Hair Growth Naturally

Here are simple tricks, you can improve and increase hair growth naturally at home.

  1. Diet Rich in Vitamins and Minerals

Keep to boost hair growth and your hair healthy by eating the diet rich in vitamins and minerals. The hair condition will reflect from any condition of your body, so if your body well nourished  and healthy it shows in beautiful and shiny hair.

Make sure your diet supplement contains lots of raw fruits and vegetables, especially vitamin A and B Vitamins, green and yellow vegetables rich in beta-carotene and also active agents essential to hair growth.

  1. Diet Rich in Proteins

As hair truly is protein, you should add enough healthy proteins to your diet. Fish, yogurt, soy, beans, brewer’s yeast and eggs are the great food sources of protein. Protein will improves hair growth and not only strengthen your hair.

  1. Factors may Inhibit Hair Growth.

Reduce some factors that may be able to inhibit hair growth. Constant stress can slow hair growth, so practicing relaxation and meditation techniques as well as getting plenty of sleep can help your body in stimulating hair growth normally.

Some medications may slow or stop your hair from growing, so you have to ask to your doctors about the side effects of medication or alternative options. Other factors like sugar, caffeine and excess fat in diet can effect hair growth and weaken your body.

  1. Massage Scalp Every Day

To stimulate blood flow to your hair follicles, you can massage your scalp gently every day for a few minutes, this way can improving hair growth. You can buy electric massagers made for scalp and face that can be helpful for hair growth and relaxing mind.

  1. Essential oils in Shampoo, Conditioner and Hair Care Products

You can add some lavender and ylang ylang essential oils to your conditioner, shampoo and hair care products. Generally, for every 2 oz. of hair care products you can add 1 drop of each essential oil. These essential oils not only have a smooth aroma, but helping in hair growth and gently stimulate the hair follicles.

Getting Gorgeous Hair Naturally

You may take time to easy nourishing routines for your hair for a great head of hair. There are few things that can help you to create and maintain I can recommend for the best hair possible for you, such as using egg for hair growth.

Make Natural Hair Products

The natural state of hair has a tendency to be dry. Nourish and care for your hair gently, and consider to using natural products that contain home remedies you’ve selected rather than harsh chemicals or fillers.

When your hair in a dreadlock style or braided, you have to keep your hair moisturized and looking good. Leave-in conditioner, deep-conditioning treatment and make your own moisturizer. For several applications, you can make it enough at one time to last.

Create Your Own Natural Hair Care Products

With safe and natural home remedies for hair growth at home, you can make your own hair care products. You don’t have to worry about harming children, your pets and the environment, because there no added chemical.

To guarantee the best results, you have to make sure to use the freshest ingredients. Some of the most used remedies for hair care such as egg, yogurt, avocado and coconut oil. You can buy these items at your local market or grocery store.

So, you can consider to improve the health and hair growth naturally now.

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