11 Most Hair Growth Oil for Scalp and Hair Treatment

Hair growth oil from an essential oil have been proclaimed for centuries to help nourish hair and skin. Even the ancient Egyptians have used those essential oils to stimulate hair growth and hair treatment.

Rosemary Oil for Hair Growth

Rosemary is proven as one of the basic essential oils to hair growth treatment. The rosemary essential oil is found in shampoos and some products available online. You can use a store-bought rosemary oil treatment or make your own mix. Using this oil will stimulate your hair follicles for faster growing hair, longer and stronger.

Give your hair a rosemary hot oil treatment at home. When you put olive oil and rosemary oil together, you have treated your hair stronger, darker, longer and more lustrous. Make sure to get the best treatment is to make your own rosemary hot oil treatments at home.

essential oils for hair treatment

essential oils for hair treatment

Jojoba Essential Oil for Hair

If you want to add shine, moisture and softness to your hair, you may use jojoba oil for hair growth treatment. Jojoba essential oil is great healing natural oil and moisturizing for all hair types. This oil is derived from the jojoba plant found in Arizona, northern Mexico and California. Jojoba oil works well on brittle, frizzy or dry hair.

Dilute Peppermint Oil for Hair Care

One of the oldest herbs like peppermint is used for medicinal purposes on the earth. Peppermint oil has applications in everything from sunburn pain relief to skin oil production control and aromatherapy. Use a small amount to help ease digestive discomfort in your after dinner beverage or blend it with a light, mild carrier oil and use it as a hair conditioner.

Grape Seed Oil to Restore Hair

Grape seed oil is colorless, odorless and lightweight oil that has a number of uses. It can be used as cooking oil, taken as a health tonic and used to moisturize hair and skin. Because grape seed oil is lighter weight than many others essential oils like olive oil. Grape seed oil absorbs into the skin and hair much faster without weighing your hair down. Use grape seed hot oil treatment to leave your hair beautiful, luxurious and moisturized for the quick and easy.

Press Hair with Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Extra virgin olive oil is widely approved for its many health benefits. In addition, most of women all over the world have come to enjoy olive oil into their regimen of beauty. Olive oil contains moisturizing properties that make it as beneficial beauty remedies are also good for hair growth.

When this essential oil comes to African American hair, the hair pressing in particular, and extra virgin olive oil straight from the bottle is an alternative to commercial pressing creams and oils. Pressing your hair with essential olive oil may results in a smooth and soft press with a natural sheen.

Rice Bran Oil for a Hot Hair Treatment

Rice bran oil is the cheap essential oil that can be used to add more shine to your hair. As a long tradition in Japan, women would apply rice bran oil to face and scrub rice bran in their hair to encourage healthy skin cell and hair growth.

You can found rice bran oil in sunscreen, helps you to block ultra-violet rays and this essential oil is best known for its softening and moisturizing properties. You can apply rice bran oil as your hot hair treatment to encourage hair shine.

Hair Conditioner with Mustard Oil

Homemade conditioners can be just as good, than the expensive usual conditioners. Mustard oil contains fatty acids and stimulates circulation. The mustard oil will bring blood to the follicles of hair and vitalize the scalp.

Except in India, mustard oil not commonly used in cooking, you may have to find it in an Indian market. Mustard oil can be a great treatment for your hair growth. But you will need to follow the hair treatment with shampoo, because of it strong smell.

Coconut Oil on Hair Treatment

Natural moisturizers and proteins in coconut oil can help you to restore shininess and hair vitality. When you apply the virgin coconut oil as a conditioner for your hair treatment, you can nourish both hair and your scalp to make your tresses beautiful and healthy.

Virgin coconut oil is white and solid oil at room temperature. This essential oil will quickly become smooth, if you apply the heat of your hands to the solid oil, so you can apply it easily to your hair.

Provide extra nourishment and penetrate the hair shaft is the ability of coconut oil. Coconut oil can help the protein to remain strong and reduces protein loss in hair. The perfect complement for relaxed hair is coconut essential oil.

Use Amla Hair Oil

Your hair is always needs regular conditioning to maintain its luster and health. Using amla oil treatment as conditioner can prevent hair from breaking, add shine, encourage hair growth, stop hair loss and restore moisture.

When you buy amla hair oil in store, it may contain unwanted chemicals and be costly. You can make your own amla oil for easy, quick and chemical free.

Almond Oil for Hair Growth Treatment

Almond oil has many beauty and benefits. It is one of wonderful home remedies, natural hair treatment for damaged and dry hair. This essential oil is a good source of essential minerals like magnesium and vitamin E.

When you apply almond oil for hair treatment, its provides deep moisture and nourishment for dry locks, makes hair stronger and even controls hair loss and also adds shine to dull hair. In fact, almond oil is used by ancient Egyptians hair to stimulate hair growth and fortify strands.

Shea Butter for Scalp and Hair Treatment

The origin product of African is Shea butter. As we know, Shea butter extracted from the nut of the shea Karite tree. This ingredient has found its way into various beauty products for the hair and skin.

Shea butter has great healing properties and moisturizing for the hair and scalp and it can protects shine to hair and restores it. Generally, Shea butter is readily available in its virgin form. With other ingredients, you can whip it up with few oils easily for use on your scalp and hair at home.

So, using the right essential hair growth oil for your scalp and hair treatment is the best choice.

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