How to Have Less Animal allergies

Do you often get sneeze when you close to cat? If you do, then you might have cat allergies. Cat allergy can constant contribute to allergy symptom where exposure are able to occur at surrounding even when the cat is not present.

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Cat can result multiple allergens. The allergens can found from their fur, skin and because their saliva. All cats are allergens.  People with cat allergy can suffer from mild to severe allergy reactions. The symptom depends to person’s sensitivity and level from allergens exposure.

People that have high sensitivity to cat allergens can develop the severe symptom immediately after they contact or touch the cat.

For those who have pet allergies, they need to know what are the pet types that trigger their allergy. This can come from one or more animals whether they have allergies with cat, dog, bird or any other pet animals that trigger their allergies. To know pet allergy, the symptom of pet allergy includes:

  • Sneezing
  • Stuffy nose
  • Itchy eyes, red and watery
  • Skin rash
  • Facial pan due to nasal congestion

If you have pet allergy, but want to have pet at your home, then you need to take specific steps distance to avoid allergy appears. Using nasal spray, antihistamines and allergy shot can be option for manage your pet allergy.

The other allergy is alpha gal allergy.  This is known as meat allergy or mammalian allergy. This allergy reacted to the galactose alpha where the body overloaded with immunoglobulin antibodies which contact with carbohydrates.

The symptom from this allergy is delayed onset within 3 hours after consumption the Mammalia meat products. For those who have shellfish allergy, they need to careful when they eat shrimp, lobster and crabs.

There are two types or shellfish that trigger allergy, the crustacean such as shrimps and crabs, next is the mollusk such as oyster and scallops.

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