4 Tips to Control New Hair Growth with Olive Oil

Extra virgin olive oil or called EVOO can be used for African American women with relaxed hair as a pre-shampoo treatment to manage new hair growth in between relaxer applications.

A pre-shampoo treatment consists of applying oil to the women hair and leaving it in for a period of time before shampooing their hair.

The curls in coils in your natural hair makes it hard for natural oils produced by the scalp to travel down the hair shaft, which often results in dry, unruly new hair growth.

olive oil for hair growth

olive oil for hair growth

How to Control New Hair Growth With Olive Oil

The vitamin-E contents in extra virgin olive oil softens new growth, helps it blend and makes it manageable in with your relaxed hair during relaxer stretches.

A Cup of Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Warm a cup of EVOO in the microwave to a lukewarm temperature. Don’t heat the olive oil too long because it will scald your scalp when you apply this essential oil to your hair.

According to Gennifer Miller, African American hair expert, Dip your finger into the cup to check the temperature of olive oil after heating. You can use cool olive oil, but some people like to warm the oil before applying it to the hair to increase oil’s softening effect.

Pour the Extra Virgin Olive Oil into Applicator Bottle

Pour the EVOO into a color applicator bottle. You can simply pour the olive oil on your hair, but using an applicator bottle works well to prevent creating a mess and direct the oil over your scalp.

You can find applicator bottles in cooking supply stores, drug stores or beauty supply stores. So, saturate your hair with water and wring out the excess.

Apply the Olive Oil to Hair

Apply the olive oil to your hair as if you were applying color. Focus the applicator bottle on the roots of your hair to saturate your new hair growth. Apply some olive on to the relaxed portion of your hair and Make sure you cover all of your new growth with olive oil.

Massage Your Scalp for 5 – 10 Minutes

To help the oil seep into your scalp, you can massage your scalp for 5 to 10 minutes. Cover your hair with a hot towel or sit under a hooded dryer with a plastic cap on your hair to let the oil penetrate for 20 minutes to one hour.

For you with relaxed hair, use extra virgin coconut oil regularly to control new hair growth.

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