Recognize About Anemia is Good

Some of you are so familiar with Anemia. Do you know what is anemia? Is it a kind of curable disease? Well, anemia is a common disease in which the body cannot produce an enough red blood cells.

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Types of Anemia

People who get anemia always looks tired easily, pail, short breathing, and weak. There are some kinds of anemia which caused by the decrease red blood cell production.

Aplastic anemia is the kind of blood disorder when the bone narrow cannot produce enough red blood cell. Aplastic anemia is rare and serious problem. This problem can cause the irregular heartbeat, heart failure and infection.

Sideroblastic anemia is a condition in which it has insufficient production of the red blood cells. There are some symptoms that you have to be aware when you don’t want to get this blood disorder.

If you have headache, fatigue and the pain in your chest, it might be the early symptoms of sideroblastic anemia.

Autoimmune hemolytic anemia is occurred when your immune system produces an antibody which attack the red blood cells. Then, people have a high risk of getting this blood disorder from heredity, leukemia, cancer, infection and autoimmune diseases.

Food to Consume for Anemia

There are some ways that you can do to cure those kinds of anemia. Blood transfusion is required to treat the blood diseases.

Vitamin B can help to control and cure this disorder. You can consume some foods which contain a lot of vitamin B.

You can eat red spinach and pomegranate which can increase the iron of your body. Then, it is better to eat the red rice than the white rice. Beside its function for diet recipe, red rice can increase the production of iron in your blood.

Eating a lot of meat would be the good way to treat anemia. Meat contains a lot of iron cell which can make higher the production of hemoglobin. Those are foods for anemia which might be helpful to decrease the risk of anemia.

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