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Anemia or anaemia is defined as the decrease the total amount of hemoglobin in blood or known as red blood cells. Anemia can also interpret as lowered ability of the blood to bring oxygen. So, we will explain you about anemia treatment for popular types of anemia.

anemia treatment

Best anemia treatment

Types of Anemia Treatment

The symptoms of anemia when it comes on slowly are often vague such as feeling weakness, shortness of breath, tired or poor ability to exercise.

Aplastic Anemia

Aplastic anemia is a kind of blood disorder which is really serious. In aplastic anemia, the spinal cord is unable to produce the blood cells. The spinal cord is basically the soft tissues inside the bones where your blood is formed.

When you are suffered from the aplastic anemia, the spinal cord is not able to produce the bloode cells so that the possibility of being infected is higher.

Aplastic Anemia Treatment

There are some kinds of aplastic anemia treatment. The therapy for aplastic anemia is purposed to lessen the symptoms, avoid the complication, and improve the quality of life. The options of therapy are blood transfusion, spinal cord transplantation, and drug consumption.

Sideroblastic Anemia

Siderobastic anemia is a condition of anemia where the iron binding during erythrocyte formation is never happened. This matter makes the erythrocyte cannot formed well and maturely.

When somebody is suffered from Sideroblastic anemia, the condition of his or her body looks not healthy.

The common symptoms of this disease are pale skin, easily tired, dizzy, and swollen lymph and liver. This disease is basically caused by the abnormal X chromosome. Besides, it can also be due to the side effects of drugs during chemotherapy.

Sideroblastic Anemia Treatment

The patients of Sideroblastic anemia can pass through some kinds of Sideroblastic anemia treatment to lessen the symptoms.

Meanwhile, applying the healthy lifestyle like consuming only healthy foods is also recommended.

Megaloblastic Anemia

Megaloblastic anemia is signed by the over formation of erythrocyte but those cells are not normal and immature.

Commonly, it is caused by the lack of vitamin B12 and folat acid where those substances are the main materials to form the healthy blood cells.

Megaloblastic Anemia Treatment

To treat this disease, it is based on the main cause. If it is caused by the lack of vitamin B12, the injection of this vitamin is allowed. Meanwhile, if it is caused by the lack of folat acid, this substance will be given around 5-15 mg per day.

Fanconi Anemia

Fanconi anemia is a sort of blood disorder where the spinal cord is unable to produce enough blood cells or the blood cells produced are abnormal. This is basically a genetic condition.

Therefore, if one of your parents is suffered from this disease, there is possibility that you can have it as well. There are actually many approaches of Fanconi anemia treatment to cure this anemia. However, it is depending on your age and how good your spine works.

Fanconi Anemia Treatment

Here are some treatments that are possible to be done; antibiotic to attack the infection, operation to repair the genetic disorder, blood transfusion, drugs, erythrocyte transplantation, androgen therapy, genetic therapy, and synthetic growth factor.

Diamond Blackfan Anemia

This kind of anemia is really rarely and it is more related to the genetic factor. In Diamond Blackfan anemia, the spinal cord is unable to produce enough erythrocyte that is able to transport the oxygen throughout the body.

This anemia can be more easily diagnosed in the first year. Some kinds of test are able to use to detect this disease. The most common one is namely spinal cord aspiration.

Diamond Blackfan Anemia Treatment

There are some kinds of Diamond Blackfan anemia treatment. They are including Corticosteroid therapy, blood transfusion, Chelation therapy, and main cell transplantation.

Best Foods for Anemia Treatment

best foods for anemia treatment

Best foods for anemia treatment

There are foods to consume when you suffer from anemia. As we know, anemia is a kind of diseases that often attack the human. This term refers to the condition where the erythrocyte is less than normal with certain symptoms like pale, easily tired, and dizzy after sitting in a long time.

There are some kinds of food for anemia treatment. They are including those foods with much folat acid like: Nuts, Red meat, Egg, Vegetables, Seafood, Fruits

The vegetables for this case are: Spinach, Broccoli, Radish, Cauliflower

Meanwhile, the fruits for anemia patients are: Grapes, Apple, Avocado, Guava, Orange, Mango, Tomato, Peach, Banana

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